Friday, December 31, 2010

time flies...

This blog (or site), is probably the closest we will get to keeping a journal. All that we share is personal to some degree. Yes, some days more so than others, but every post in its own way is a reflection of our mood that day, what we were currently inspired by, things we saw and heard that affected us. 

With the new year approaching here, I took a look back at our postings over the past year. Some things surprised me, I could have sworn I was at Winterthur this year, turns out not to be so. It amazes me and breaks my heart a little, over how quickly things come and go, passing us by and remaining only in our memories and in some pictures. At at the same time, it's encouraging to know that change and a new direction can happen just as quickly and easily-sometimes without even being aware.

I'm glad that Sara and I started Identical Eye. Of course for you, our readers and commenters that make it all worth it, but also for me and Sara. It's become our little "journal" of loves, passions, excitements, travels and moods. I'm grateful to be able to share this with you and with her. 

From the bottom of our heart(s) we wish you all a very happy new year, overflowing with inspiration, positive thoughts, love and happiness. Hopefully we can continue to provide some of that for you.

Love, Karen and Sara

 Pieces of 2010

Sara wined and dined in Napa

The identical twins and their Big Bambu came and went.

We were cast under Leonora's spell

We both went to London but in our own ways

I couldn't stop talking about this museum in Paris 

Sara worked and played in Italy 

there were battles between the head and the heart

We spent separate weekends getting out of town and both ended up in Hudson

There was a lot of dragging and digging at flea markets

I fell in love with everything about the French countryside

Whistler inspired me to no end

 Spent some quality time at the beach

while Sara visitied San Fran .... a few times


  1. Wishing you both the happiest new year with lots of good times to come! Your blog has brought me much joy and pride. You're the best ever!


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