Sunday, April 18, 2010

French Countryside

One of the first stops of my trip was in the small French town of Saint Felix Lauragais. Saint Felix is situated on the hill top of the Haute Garrone of the Midi-Pyrenees. It has amazing views of the French countryside as well as the 13th century built Chateau de Saint Felix Lauragais. We went to go see La Vieille Poste Bed and Breakfast on the town square, owned by a friend of the woman who was showing us around. Unfortunately my pictures were erased (still can't talk about it) but here are some of my dear friend Ryan and the website.

the 13th century church/chateau

me taking pictures that were soon to be erased!

entrance to the B&B

The owner outside surrounded by her many potted plants and beautiful rose bushes.

All over the country side, shutters and interior walls are painted this pastel blue/lavandar that comes from a plant in the region.

the entrance to the bed and breakfast was filled with all blue pitchers and containers

main staircase up to the rooms

beautiful wall in one of the rooms


  1. C'est charmant! I can see why you love it so.

  2. The landscape...PARADISE!
    The BLUE...divine.
    The Roses...heavenly.

  3. Your pictures were erased?! The trauma--I'm so sorry.
    On the brighter side, your friends shots make the whole thing look pretty wonderful.


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