Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Earl Cunningham

On a recent trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art's book store, I stumbled upon the cover of "Earl Cunningham's America". After flipping through quickly and seeing page after page of brightly colored folk style landscapes, I knew I had to have it. The best part, I came to learn, was that E.C. was from Maine, and several of his paintings depict Native Americans in the 1800's. (Karen and I hold Maine very dear to our hearts, as mentioned in previous posts). To read more about Earl Cunningham, click here - as I am too excited to ramble on.

Earl at Overfork Gallery, 1970

Goose Rock Beach, Maine 1960

(close up)

(love the teepees, fishermen, boats)

New England Autumn, 1928

Norsemen Discovering the New World 1930's

Island Farm, 1935

( close up)

(close up II)

Blue Sail Fleet Returns, 1949

The Red Sea

Georgia Indian Village

Palm Beach, 1950

Busy Day at Frompton Inlet, 1952


  1. What a MOMENT AT THE MET for you last week...I sense your thrill at discovering this wonderful Mr Cunningham...a treasure...so inspired in his vision.
    Can you imagine stumbling into him and having a conversation?
    The characters, compositions, the coloring, the materials he may be needing...the story all played-out in Maine...Good morning Earl, how is the Indian in the canoe coming along? and the ships? ...on and on.
    Thanks for sharing your finds. And who would've thought you'd meet Mr.Earl Cunninham at the Met? Seems unlikely yet another reason why...We Love our Met too.

  2. Fabulous paintings. Thanks so much for sharing these. Love that Goose Rocks Beach!!!


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