Monday, June 7, 2010

Arts & Science

When Karen told me she would be visiting Paris for work, I immediately started a list of my favorite places I'd visited last October. While she had been before- it is always fun and interesting to share eachother's notes from previous trips! One of my favorite stores was a Japanese-run brand, Arts & Science. I'd stumbled upon it after visiting Colette on Rue Saint-Honoré. Although pictures were not allowed inside, I was able to snap a few of the windows, take a lookbook, and come back to the states to continue my research of this great brand. Only one website came up (theirs). Almost a year later, I searched again to get the address for Karen. None in Paris listed...Coincidentally, an article written by Lynn Yaeger for VOGUE popped up. I'd run into Lynn earlier that day at Colette. What a small world. She'd seemingly visited this store moments before (or after) I. However, after reading her article, I learned what I saw was not an Arts & Science store- but rather a pop-up trunk show. Minutes later, Karen calls to inform me that yes, she found a store on Rue Saint-Honore, and yes, it was a beautiful 17th century space- but no Arts & Sciences...Guess Lynn and I were lucky enough to see their short show.

Hope you enjoy images below.

above images from Arts & Science SS10 Lookbook


  1. I want that navy linen plaid jacket! Where can I get it?

  2. Unfortunately, the only outlet I've found to purchase items is directly through their website. I do not think there are any US retailers. Fingers crossed that changes soon!

  3. LUCKY...That is exactly how this post makes me feel.
    Thank you for sharing this treasure with us.
    This shop looks like A D r e a m come T R U E.
    Your three photos tell the story...just the tip of the iceberg...and still.

  4. thank you Julio. We are lucky to have someone like you leaving such kind comments. They inspire us to keep on postin'!

  5. Only in the future. Book a flight to Tokyo they got a bunch of stores.

  6. I think the shop you saw was that of Astier de Villatte. They happen to have beautiful (albeit pricey!) things in there. Very much worth a look even when they are not hosting pop up shops.


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