Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Artist Leonora Carrington's Home

A little while back, Sara did a posting on 93 year old artist Leonora Carrington. Here are some images from the surrealist artist's home in Mexico City, where she has lived for 70 years.
Love the iron oven used as an office desk.

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  1. On league with the Goddesses of any Mythology.

  2. Check out "Artistas: The Maiden, Mother, and Crone"
    The feature documentary, "Artistas: The Maiden, Mother, and Crone" will document and unveil the lives and works of one new-on-the-scene and four prominent female artists at different stages of their careers and lives. The criterion for the subject/artist selection is that each artist is a “working artist” and creating “Fine Art,” which is defined as “Art created for purely aesthetic expression, communication, or contemplation.” The film will be metaphorically and stylistically based on the concept of the Triple Goddess, the ancient triad of birth/youth (“Maiden”), life/fertility (“Mother”), and death/wisdom (“Crone”). For the purpose of the film, the filmmaker will use the Triple Goddess concept as an intergenerational stepping-stone for the creative, functional, and discovery processes, thus connecting the artists’ stories and the fine art world while focusing on the following themes: Gender, Age, Ethnicity, and Economics.


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