Monday, April 19, 2010

Leonora Carrington

About one year ago, I fell in love with a self portrait by Leonora Carrington at the Met. I was drawn the the eeriness and darkness of her subjects. Influenced by her partner, Max Ernst, the two collaborated until the turbulations of WWII. To learn more about her work and their love story, go here.
at her studio

self portrait 1937
portrait of max ernst

cadavre exquis made by leonora and her son pablo weisz-carrington

around wall street or portrait of pablo in ny

chinese at fountain

the giantess

the night of the 8th

daughter of the minotaur
all images via Leonora Carrington's website


  1. leonora carrington = mad genius. i discovered her not long ago; i did a blog post about her that i will have to dig up!

    thanks for another brilliant post. you girls make me happy. : )


  2. If you're not already familiar with her, you MUST check out the works (and life) of Leonora Carrington's friend and collaborator in Mexico, Remedios Varo. Another great story and spectacular work.

    Great blog . . . thanks!


  3. I keep a tears file on Leonora and also Remedios.
    filed under M O S T Stylish Girls *****
    Happy to run into Ms. Carrington here.


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