Friday, April 16, 2010

An "Art Brut/Outsider Art" Collector's Home

London home of James Brett, founder of Museum of Everything.
(and we LOVE it!)

above works by Bill Taylor, a former slave who took up painting in the 1930's at the age of 83, Henry Darger (one of out favorites as well as Brett's!), and a sculpture by Vollis Simpson.

Nek Chand figure on table with a drawing by Johann Hauser, an illiterate, autistic and schizophrenic artist.

More Darger's above the couch in the top image.

images Antony Crolla World of Interiors


  1. I keep coming back to this post. this guy's house is my dream house. Darger above the sofas?? weird shit everywhere?? I'm in.

  2. Hopefully will become a Museum... we could sit around...look-at and be-with all this great stuff for Though not exactly my thing I have E N O R M O U S A D M I R A T I O N + R E S P E C T for the artists, the work and the folks who have built this collection and have housed it with such L O V E + T E N D E R C A R E. This place lives-up-to all the qualities of what i think about as My I D E A L of an inspiring and life changing place. Thanks for the post.

  3. i am so excited b/c i just picked up the new issue of world of interiors and now i know i have something to look forward to. this has to be some of the best home inspiration i've seen. i am madly in love with henry darger's work. one of my favorite artists of all time. thanks for this!
    xoxo joanna


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