Friday, September 4, 2009

Home in Connecticut=Pendleton heaven/hell

UGHH please excuse the spacing-it is a nightmare to fix right now. Images must have had lots of white around them. Oh, and I can't seem to copy and paste to get my blurb HERE so PLEASE see below. Happy Friday xxx.

(above Childrens Blanket)

(Elders Circle of Life Blanket)

(Photographer L.A Huffman Plates)

(above artist Lillian Pitt "Coyote and the Three Huckleberry Sisters")

(above Nike Collaboration )


(above Tlingit Pattern blanket)

Hudosn Bay Stripe Coffee Mug to match my jacket? Yes, please.

Anyone who has not been living under a rock is aware of the Pendleton explosion in apparel. Thanks to Opening Ceremony, my vtg turquoise/orange Pendleton coat I got last year on ebay is now another piece I have to explain. Last fall, an Indian squatter in the East Village stopped and asked about it, this fall I'll probably match everyone else on the L train. Yes, these coats have been around forever, and I know many of you already own one and I am not the only one who is pained by this. But now I have to confess, there was once a day when I was embaressed and ashamed of these beauties!

Which brings us back to the relevance of being home in CT and this post. Our mom is Pendleton/Navajo/Southwestern OBSESSED. As in, when we were ten we didn't go to Disneyworld, we went to reservations in New Mexico and Arizona during the height of disease spread by prarie dogs, when people were advised to stay OFF the land. Obsessed as in, although our mom did blast her MJ, when we carpooled to swim practice our friends had the pleasure of listening to Native American chanting and drumming (she bought these CD's at the MANY Pow-Wows we attended growing up). Oh, and the worst was if she picked us up from school WEARING her floorlength Pendleton jacket. Our house and her jewelry collection of course match her passion. People get their diamonds insured-our mom is more concerned about about her vtg turquoise.

Well years later, she's proven us wrong. Thank you mom (and dad for giving her free reign to decorate, design, wear, listen etc) for having awesome taste (and for being awesome, too). This morning we went on the Pendleton website (she NEEDS more blankets, pillows and bed spreads) and here are some goodies I found. There is also a tab on the website for American Indian College Fund where certain items' proceeds go to (including the super cool Nike collab. blanket).


  1. The new trend is shitrtless hipsters with full headresses on the l train. They'll bypass Pendleton and go straight native.

  2. Thanks for your post as a great reminder of the fantastic array of designs. not sure about native americans ON a plate, but like the images!

  3. i am in love with those blankets - the patterns are so inspiring!


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