Friday, September 4, 2009

Dear Sara

I'm headed upstate for a wedding then going straight to Brimfield, Mass for the flea markets. Sara is not coming this time and it's just not the same without her there! Here are some pics I found on her computer that I love.

Sara/Napa/Rosemary/Brimfield Chambray 2009

Sara must have taken this around Easter time. It is from our FAVORITE doughnut place on Manhattan Ave in Greenpoint Brooklyn. They now make ice cream sandwiches with your choice of doughnut and ice cream! Without fail, every time we walk by we stop and stare. This is the cutest video about the bakery, Peter Pan.

Lastly, Sara loves hearts. She is always taking pictures of them lately. Maybe because she's in love. I love her. I hope you like my posting for you Sara.
xxx Karen


  1. i love this posting. and u! thanks fiff.

  2. what a special bond you two share. this post made me smile.

    karen - have an awesome time in brimfield! i hope you score big time.

  3. Those doughnuts remind me of a Christian Lacroix confection - I will definitely have to check them out when I'm in NYC next. Thanks for bringing this to attention.

  4. special fiffers!:)


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