Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Next time you are in Los Angeles, (or if already there of course!) 
go check out IKO IKO, a "concept gallery focusing on high craft and design pieces, 
underlining texture, process and innovation."

Here are some of our favorites of their current stock.

ceramics by B. Fiess

indigo purse Otaat

purse Ju Ju Made

earrings Hannah Keefe

square cuff Rowena Sartin

glass bowls Jess Panza

ceramics Jessica Hans


  1. Hey people! Long time no see!

    I was in LA last weekend for my grandpa’s 90th birthday. All the grandchildren had to perform for him so I did a dance performance. Check it out!

    Honestly, I’m not that happy with this performance. I was tired from dancing in my cousin’s performance before this, and I didn’t have much time to rest. I don’t think I did justice to the choreography. I just thought I’d share since I got a lot of comments saying I should dance to Wedding Dress.

    Tracklist Big Bang VN
    big bang
    for the mix I made with the choreography:
    Kanye West – Power (remix) choreography by Keone Madrid
    TaeYang – Wedding Dress choreography by Shaun Evaristo and Lyle Beniga
    Usher – More choreography by Keone Madrid
    Se7en – Digital Bounce choreography by Keone Madrid

    On top of this, I danced to Jay Park – Abandoned with my little cousin. He was too shy to dance on his own so I offered to be in his performance with him. Watch it here!

    Hope you guys enjoy it! :D

  2. After watching this, I just have one thing to say to DaeSung…”GET SOMEEE!“

    Also, if you missed SBS Big Show, you can rewatch the Tonight, What Is Right, and Cafe performances on Big Bang’s official Youtube channel.


    JT’s 4th Mini-album Big Bang VN
    big bang
    I’m really impressed with this mini-album. It shows how much BB has grown in 2 years they’ve been away. I have to say, this whole mini-album was very J-Pop influenced, well considering “Hands Up” and “Somebody to Love” were originally Japanese songs.
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    Yes, Cafe deserves it’s own paragraph. Cafe is really an amazing song. It’s like there’s a bunch of upbeat J-Pop-ish K-pop then there’s this one chill song at the end. Just like on the “Stand Up” mini-album, all K-pop songs, then there’s “Oh My Friend.” It’s one song that completely stands out. Just like DaeSung said during SBS The Big Bang Show…


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