Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Intro to Pottery

When it comes to the appearance of ceramics-I like to be able to tell they've been made by hand.
Some of these may be stretching it, but in learning how to throw, center, and "bring up" I found embracing my mistakes successes was the way to go!

the hole above makes it a perfect dish for...candy?!

wobbel-y wobbel-d

this glazed look was intentional-I swear!

smaller sizes were much easer to control!

Many thanks to J, for the most thoughtful gift ever,
and Choplet Studio in Brooklyn
 for (re) teaching me every week how to center the clay!


  1. these are the most beautiful things...!

  2. This J character sound like an awesome person!

  3. i think they look really loved :)

  4. I would definitely buy one of these! I think they're beautiful.

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