Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Abandoned Theaters

In the early 20th century, following the development of the entertainment industry, 
hundreds of auditoriums were built in North America.
Major entertainment firms and studios commissioned specialized architects 
to build grandiose and extravagant theaters.

From the 60's, TV, multiplexes and urban crisis made them becoming obsolete.

During the following decades, when they were not modernized or transformed into adult cinemas, 
they closed one after the other and many of them were simply demolished. 
Now, many are reused as churches, retail, flea markets, bingo halls, discos, supermarkets or warehouses. 

Some others just sit abandoned.

images and artist statement


  1. SWEET POST! Lovely images...
    The last one reminds me shots my brother did in Times Square.
    Check it!
    And the few that follow. Enjoy!

  2. this stuff is all amazing.


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