Thursday, February 3, 2011

California Girl (?)

I love the idea of California. The warm weather, beaches, girls with that perfect beach hair (actually from surfing year round- not from highlights at Parlour in Brooklyn and going to bed with a wet head).
If I were a bit more coordinated and a bit more adventurous, I'd be living in a coastal town in northern california, surfing and making jewlery while sipping my organic tea coffee. Lucky for me, M lives in San Francisco for the time being- allowing me to pretend to be that california girl every so often. 
Route 1 in Half Moon Bay

snake skin? zooming in, I realized what these remains actually meant...and jumped about 50 feet away in .1 sec.

shadows of us fighting for that picture. I won.

that's me...trying not to look too much like a tourist taking pictures of surfers, posing in front of a surfing

pictures from Pescadero, Half Moon Bay, and Pacifica.
I'm planning a trip in April- please, please share any recommendations.
xx sb


  1. Love these great photos! I can only imagine your reaction to the snakeskin:)

  2. Love the meat board and the tomatoes, It just reminds me how scary those perfectly round and red tomatoes are in supermarkets.

  3. have you spent time in big sur? mandatory!

    do you know which cities you will be visiting?

  4. Singin' my song, homegirl. Sometimes I think about moving there sight unseen.


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