Sunday, January 30, 2011

For the Boys (but really for the ladies)

for  your valentine, put a ring on it...
(for her right hand at least)
she deserves it. 

rodarte (both)

all for the mountain 

mania mania 

Lou Zeldis 

Lou Zeldis
mania mania
or for her neck...

all for the mountain

mania mania choker

Lauren Manoogian

or if you are a fellow new yorker, check out the great new love adorned store


  1. These are so cool. Perhaps I'll look into throwing one of these D&D/Eye of Sauron looks into my wife's Scandinavian jewelry box.

    PS Happy New Year one month deep- I loved your "time flies" post, as we do all of them!
    Keep it up!

  2. happy new year, john. we love your site! the other day, mistermort mentioned he too is a fan :)
    thank you for your continued kind words! they are what keep us truckin'.


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