Monday, November 22, 2010

Levi's Photo Workshop

Yesterday afternoon I finally checked out Levi's Photo Workshop. I was really impressed with what they did. If you are in NYC, definitely go check it out! On another note...I'm trying out this updated format. I think its going to allow us to post larger images! (But for some reason the side by side photos I added you have to click on to see!) I also want to clean up our tags to make the site easier to navigate so stay posted :) Oh, and maybe help us get over 100 followers this week?! Giveaway to come :)


  1. looking good. just a heads up, in case you haven't tried this yet, uploading photos first onto photobucket (or another photo website) then copy pasting the html code lets you change the image size to your hearts' content. Just have to tweak the html for the blog itself to allow for larger photos in the body. am I even speaking english anymore? hope this is useful / relevant

  2. Love the atmosphere of that place. (Blog + Post)


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