Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Scottish Sale

Some favorites from Bonham's upcoming "Scottish Sale." See more here.
Alberto Morrocco, (British, 1917-1998)
'Still life with fruit and sunflower'
John Bellany, (British, born 1942)
Woman with Lobster,
Alberto Morrocco, (British, 1917-1998)
"Girl with Caged Bird"

Alberto Morrocco, (British, 1917-1998)
'Two Figures on a Beach'
John Duncan, (British, 1866-1945)
'The Hunted Goblin'
John McGhie (British, 1867-1952)
Waiting for the fleet, East Neuk
James Paterson, (British, 1854-1932)
Eliza in her wedding dress
George Whitton Johnstone (British, 1849-1901)
Keeley Halswelle (British, 1832-1891)
A Newhaven fishergirl

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  1. newhaven fisher girl is a beautiful works of art


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