Tuesday, July 6, 2010

wow, pow wow.

Sara and I grew up going to Pow Wows with our parents around New England. We loved everything about them- the dancing, the druming, the colors, the food! I just came across this set of photos on Smithsonian's archive and it inspired to me do some research. For those of you in or around NYC this may definitely be worth checking out!


  1. A Pow Wow is a significant experience in American culture...not to be missed.
    LOVE A GOOD POW WOW..source of my personal favorite tee-shirt & wonderful family outings too.
    These photos are all awesome & inspiring. Thank you.

  2. I'm sorry, you grew up doing what?! So cool!
    I'd love to check one out sometime.

    Those photos are amazing!

  3. To those of you who may be interested, check this out


    It's the biggest pow wow on the east coast, right in CT.

  4. going to the annual kuchina doll dance in few days. beyond stoked as they dont normaly allow outsiders. great photos


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