Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Our mother has always been one of our greatest inspirations. As we've grown up, she's become more and more like a third sister to us. She too loves all things vintage, Native American, and a bit bohemian. At a recent tag sale in our CT neighborhood, she stumbled upon this amazing book. While its' content is eerily sexual, Sisters, by David Hamilton (published 1977), is a beautiful book filled with femininity and style. Below are a few sneak peaks.


  1. What I wouldn't give for the clothing these beautiful girls are wearing!

  2. Oddly enough we have a poster of the 5th photo down, "A bicyclette", hanging in our hallway next to Sir Thomas Lawrence's Calmady Children. Odd cause they're all sisters, you're sisters, but (doy) we're not.
    I took a photo of it meaning to send it to you after you posted this, but still haven't found the time... You should check out the Calmady children, I'm sure you've seen it, and Lawrence's reflections of it.


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