Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A day with Mom...

This past weekend, I went home to see my parents in Stamford, CT. While the weather was gloomy, my mom and I were determined to stay busy. We visited a local florist/landscape design nursery in New Canaan. Just off the main road, it is a beautifully manicured heaven. I hope you enjoy the images below from my quiet but lovely sunday.

...that's our loving, amazing, inspiring, AWESOME mom, Michele!


  1. I'm forwarding this to my own mom whom I'm sure will drive over there today!

  2. Great photos from an amazing day!

  3. B E A U T I F U L ... also my idea of a lovely day.
    The statues should be copies of classical ones...the contemporary looking features of the statue bring the image of the garden down a notch. Or maybe only have statues depicting aminal life? The chess set also seems a bit corny. The place is so beautiful.....could do without the gimmicky touches.


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