Friday, June 4, 2010

1940's Pretty Florals

images via Library of Congress digital records


  1. I've been plunging into the FSA archive lately, too. And looks like we've been getting into the same photos. Jack Delano (who took most of the photos you put up) really is a photographic master. Browse through the archive by photographer if you haven't done so already- his photos are mindblowing.

  2. Such a great hidden gem we share! I felt badly for not crediting photographers, but hadn't seen that info. under the photographs until half way through.I think I was too distracted by the amazing images...will definitely search by photographers next. thanks for the tip.

  3. Love these photos. I knew they looked familiar but couldn't think of photographer's name. I also love to look at prints from this time period.

  4. Jack Delano lived for many years in Puerto Rico where he did some of his best work.
    Thank you, these are beautiful.

  5. You're kidding me - you show pictures of black people slaving in the fields and you think it is a pretty inspiration for 40's florals? Try being more sensitive for a change.

  6. That photo is absolutely gorgeous, as are the dresses and people in it. Why shouldn't it be inspiration? Slavery was abolished in the 1860s.... that photo was taken 8 decades later.


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