Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Weekend in the Hamptons (Last Year)

Making plans for this coming holiday weekend made me think of a wonderful weekend I had out east last summer. I stayed with my friend Amy's uncle in their charming country house. They also have homes in Capetown and in Pringle Bay, hence the abundance of African art and textiles.

the entire house is made of this beautiful wood (so cozy)

amazing old barn doors/hardware and lighting

beautiful woven textile in my room

love any beach paintings

one of the owners when he was a boy!

artwork by an Israeli artist

African figures line the stairs, they were amazing

beautiful beaded chair

batik fabric in the best color combination hung in the kitchen

little artifacts line the mantle on the fireplace, and the cutest mobile in the window.


  1. wow this place looks incredible

  2. wow. sickness. this is amy's uncle? damn. that hebrew alphabet drawing is rad i think, or is it just my nephew writing the aleph bais?

  3. "Living well is the best revenge."

  4. Very nice imagery... ME LIKIE!!!


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