Tuesday, May 18, 2010

artists + indians

W. Langdon Kihn, 1930

N.C. Wyeth in his studio, 1900's

Jackson Pollock dressed as a cowboy, 1927

Pop Hart dancing, 1930

Pop Hart and an Indian Princess, 1930
(handwritten on back): "Onita the Indian Princess is asking Pop Hart to take up government land with rich gold deposits so I can get her pair red stockings and shoes."

Alfred Lenz with Reggie the burro, Arizona 1908

John Sloan and artists at Sloan's Santa Fe Ranch, 1939

Riis sculpting a Native American model, 1930's

Ute Chief Ouray and Otto Mears, late 1800's

Mamie Deschillie with one of her cardboard cutouts, 1992 Chuck Rosenak, photographer.


  1. This post satisfies a fantasy about living in the Southwest.
    Looks like Jackson Pollock had one too...mine involves a more elaborate costume... like the first photo + the last.

  2. why i come here


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