Friday, April 30, 2010

Sara the Bird

Sara's nickname growing up was "Bird" (our dad still calls her that to this day). When she was a baby (well, when WE were babies) she used to open her mouth all the time like a bird waiting to be fed when she was hungry...which was often! Not much has changed!

These are for her while she visits San Fran. French artist, birds, color...her favorites! xxx

Untitled, from L'ordre des oiseaux, 1962

Untitled, from L'ordre des oiseaux, 1962

L'atelier, 1961

Frontispiece, from Août, 1958

Oiseau noir sur fond bleu (Oiseau VIII), 1955

Georges Braque (French, 1882-1963)

Bonhams Sale 17681 - Prints San Francisco and Los Angeles, 4 May 2010 at 10:00


  1. Sara, you're absolutely right to eat like a bird. Also nice to receive some Braque birds as company on your trip...Enjoy SF. Check-out a gallery named Japonesque... not sure it's still there... if it is... Go, RUN.
    He has an Amazing sensibility about EVERYTHING.

  2. Just looked for Japonesque... it is still there... YIPEE!
    824 Montgomery street tel. 415.391.8860


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