Monday, April 26, 2010

Identical Twin Love

I read about the Starn twins (identical, too!) in World of Interiors a few months back and fell in love with their work and the fact that they too work together. Sara and I inspire each other (or at least try to!) all the time. I can't imagine designing or creating something without her. Since art/design is an extension of oneself, it would be impossible to do so with out my other half!

Doug and Mike have been installing "Big Bambu" on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art which is set to open tomorrow April 27. Can't wait to check it out (with Sara of course)!

above images from World of Interiors article
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  1. Looking forwards to seeing this at the Met.
    On my first visit to Asia-on the magnificent bay of Hong Kong I saw skyscrapers being built where the outer structure was bamboo scaffolding delicately teetering on the ground and rising to the sky. AMAZING sight, Had never seen anything like it. Delicate Bamboo structures holding-up world famous buildings as they were unusual, organic and poetic sight.


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