Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wendy Burden-From Vanderbilt to "Spit"

I recently fell in love with the story and Portland, Ore. home of author and painter Wendy Burden. You must read (links below) for yourself, but here are some of my favorite images of her home.

Wendy and Lion statues that once sat outside the Vanderbilt estate

Painting over fireplace by Wendy

Camel skull sits on the coffee table

Four generations of riding boots.

Vintage embroidered Pierre Balmain bodice, once belonged to her grandmother

Grandparents' Louis Vuitton luggage with sticker from the Ritz in Paris still on them

Bust of her grandmother.

more here + here

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  1. Love this, Wendy is a neighbor of mine in portland and i have friends in new york who have sent me the article from the times to know how to get in touch with her.


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