Monday, February 22, 2010

Azure Anarchy

I love how Kapital likes to have fun. It seems as though they don't take themselves too seriously....but their stuff IS the real deal!

Love these looks from their Spring 2010 catalogue, "Azure Anarchy."

**see below (please) xx

**ok, so I've been looking for a good vintage souvenir jacket for quite some time, yet still nothing! (A lot of this has to do with the price) Anyone know if a good place for me to look?

Thanks! xxkb


  1. Ebay or hop a flight to Tokyo. One's from the 50's are the best!

  2. You mean the silk bomber-type jackets? With the Japanese themed embroidery on it? Kapital has a few Tiger (year of the tiger 2010) themed ones. You don't have to go to Tokyo to get those, if you have something in mind I can help you out with finding you one.


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