Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Harvard Five in New Canaan

The Glass House (pictured below) is probably one of New Canaan's most well know properties. However, New Canaan has an abundance of mid century moden built homes. From the late 40's through the 60's New Canaan was the center of the modern design movement resulting in the building of approximately 80 homes. In the late 40's a group of professors and students Harvard Graduate School of Design moved to New Canaan "and rocked the world of architectural design."

"Philip Johnson, Marcel Breuer,Landis Gores, John M. Johansen and Eliot Noyes -- known as the Harvard Five -- began creating homes in a style that emerged as the complete antithesis of the traditional build. Using new materials and open floor plans, best captured by Johnson's Glass House, these treasures are being squandered as buyers are knocking down these architectural icons and replacing them with cookie-cutter new builds."

The Glass House

Celanese House

Evans House

Gores House...and woman walking her dog

Hurlburt House

Irwin House

Lee House

Melville House

Tirranna House

Wiley House

                                                                Mills House


  1. These homes are on a much grander scale, but New Canaan should perserve these homes in the same manner.


  2. So glad I live there. It is beautiful just as you pictured it. Thanks.

  3. I think 'Lee' is my favorite! It's just cute.


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