Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gentleman's Library Sale

I just love these special objects. They were a part of Bonham's "Gentleman's Library Sale," which featured funiture, science curiosities and eccentricities from around the world.

Dunhill Aquarium lighter

1920's taxidermy cardholder

Stein circa 1900

Antelope horn stand Tiffany's

French Apothecary jars

Pocket Drawing Set

Walking Cane Viena 1910


The auction was held on January 14, 2010. It was the 5th of this particular sale.


  1. Amazing objects. Especially love the lighter - and the taxidermy cardholder that reminds me of a toy my girls had when they were small.

  2. oh, mommy. your comments are our favorite :)

  3. I always love my stops here. Never leave uninspired after scrolling through the refreshingly original finds. Today I really want the drawing set and the blue jars.

  4. I love this little comment exchange... my mother always posts as Anonymous as well. :)


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