Friday, November 13, 2009

Winterthur is Magical Part II

one of many rooms filled with glass and ceramics but this one had the best paint color.

nice little sampler

moldings, wood work and other interior details from old homes (sometimes the entire room) were taken from homes all over the world then rebuilt in du Pont's mansion.

love the faded horse hair/brass nail heads.

Du Pont was extremely particular with how his home was decorated (duh). We toured the curtain archive which stores hundreds of curtains made of textiles from all over the world. He had his assistant mark each and every single one with specific details of when/where it was to be put up. There were changes of all curtains and upholstery on a regular basis so the decor always looked different. A journal was kept of what the rooms looked like when guests came, so they would never see the same thing more than once!

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