Friday, October 16, 2009


It's been pretty nasty out in NYC . This summer I purchased the below vtg Barbour on ebay from the sweetest man in Yorkshire. Sara also bought a repaired vtg Navy Barbour (style below) off of ebay as well last fall. I think its great getting a bit worn in Barbour on ebay (if it doesn't need to be re waxed immediately-ours are still in excellent condition) especially for a fraction of the price. I wanted a trench, but something a bit longer than the above "Valerie" style. I am so happy with mine but have yet to wear it. It definitely has a mildew odor that just won't go away as did Sara's. It could get a little awkward on a crowded subway! I guess thats the price you pay.
It has a belt to bring in the waist and is loooong!

While I was in Brooklyn admiring (and sharing) Ami Sioux's shoot w/ the Timberland boots, S and M were being shot by her in Paris for a shoot on Barbour jackets! She has all the fun...while I sit at home and post!
Happy Friday!

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