Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Paris Flea Market

The Paris Flea Market is hard to describe. I was intially expecting a Parisian-like Brimfield...I couldn't have been more off. To start, the market consists of either large loft spaces which hold several smaller showcase shops...or small winding passageways filled with these small "stores" that resemble storage areas with garage like doors. However, inside these storage-like spaces are breathtakingly beautiful design capsules. The architecture inside each booth is done to represent the amazing furniture pieces held inside. The attention to detail is amazing. The spaces resembled something closer to an elle decor spread than a vendor's area a weekend market.(hence the poor quality of the photos- pictures were not allowed, these were a few I snuck in, moments after being scolded for doing so). I hope you are able to get a glimpse of what it was like.

my favorite vendor...love the pop of red of the roses filling antique bottles.

click to see the shelving unit with amazing head sculptures


1 comment:

  1. those head sculptures are insanely amazing. i also love that table in the same photo - almost looks like it's one solid piece. looks like you had an adventure!


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