Friday, October 2, 2009

Oblii in Corso...In Time You Forget

Thank you to Ioffa of Bologna for sharing your old family photos on flickr. Although it is heartbreaking how they are disintegrating so, I love the look and feel of the worn edges, creeping into these images. They are so beautiful along with his captions in Italian describing each image. I am glad these were not forgotten.

Oblii in Corso translates to: oblivion in course, in time you forget.*

Umberto e Margherita

amico di famiglia

il fido

il giardino della villa

interno in citta

la foresteria

*my Italian speaking friends, please correct me if I am wrong.

Images dated 1899/1902


  1. These photographs are just so exquisite in every way. That you've posted them is even more beautiful.

  2. Italian speaking friend here to confirm your translation is correct.. and while the other words are pretty self-explanatory, the 'foresteria' is their 'guest house'. Che belle queste foto.. brava.


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