Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bauhaus School of Weaving 1929(ish) Part I: Watercolor Renderings

Love the book cover. Immediately drew me in.

I took two weaving courses in college and it is NOT easy. Setting up the loom correctly always got me. And if the loom set up has ONE SINGLE FLAW your entire piece goes to......I think almost every project I did had flaws. I gave my mom a scarf I made, I don't think she ever wears it though...I guess I don't blame her! Yes, weaving (once you get the loom set up-preferably with the help of a professional!) can be very therapeutic but unfortunately I was always too stressed watching my pieces slowly come out deformed with each completed row. Maybe one day I will give it a go again... but it does seem unlikely as I do not have a loom nor access to one. It actually is pretty cool once you have it down. Ah well. In the meantime I love these images. More to come of the students' completed projects!
by the look of their faces I think their looms may have been set up incorrectly as well!

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  1. i love those fabric paintings! isn't it a shame the computer's replaced all that


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