Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Americans by Robert Frank

After attending the amazing Ralph Lauren Spring 2010 fashion show, sharing these pictures seemed very appropriate.

Here's a piece of the the introduction, written by Jack Kerouac.

"That crazy feeling in America when the sun is hot on the streets and the music comes out of the jukebox or from a nearby funeral, that's what Robert Frank has captured in tremendous photographs taken as he traveled on the road around practically forty-eight states in an old used car and with the agility, mystery, genius, and sadness.
As American a a picture-the faces don't editorialize or criticize or say anything but 'This is the way we are in real life and if you don't like it I don't know anything about it 'cause I'm living my own life and my way and God bless us all.'
Robert Frank, Swiss, unobtrusive, nice, with that little camera that he raises and snaps with one hand he sucked a sad poem right out of America onto film, taking rank among the tragic poets of the world."


  1. fascinating quote & images, thanx!
    found some misplaced ralph lauren ads from an 1980s vogue that i'll be posting soon. his design sense embodies classic americana so perfectly. L

  2. oh wow! i just did a post on the ralph lauren show. perfection! so great that you were able to go! i am sure it was even better in person. these pictures really tell a story - i love them.

  3. I'm guessing we should expect Ralph Lauren's Spring Collection to have a western americana look? great photos in any case.

  4. You left out my favorite: shot of a man gettng his shoes shined in a empty bathroom. Kerouac's comments on this in the introduction are amazing.

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