Saturday, August 22, 2009

Napa Valley Part 1

When I recieved the news that M and I were invited to spend the weekend in the town of St. Helena, Napa Valley with friends of his, I was ecstatic. The drive from San Francisco was breathtaking...watching the landscape slowly change and temperature rapidly rise as we entered wine country. Olive trees lined the streets, setting a foreground for the miles of vineyards set between two large mountain peaks. Pulling down Silverado lane, we reached our final destination; an old barn / winery estate from 1880. Surrounded by rows of lavender and rosemary, grape vines, and "welcome home" decorations made by the amazingly creative Bea- I knew a great weekend was to come.

Thanks again to those who made my time in Napa so great- Andy, Kate, Bea, Marybeth & Mordechai.

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  1. so happy that you were able to experience napa valley! your photos are wonderful. there's nothing like napa! next time you head to california, try to stop in san luis obispo - quaint wineries with delicious wine. my husband and i often visit his parents there. paradise compared to LA! looking forward to napa valley part II!


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