Wednesday, August 5, 2009

When we see Kapital, we are home. Part I Sea Gypsies

Our coworker Peter just returned from a trip to Japan with his wife and adorable daughter Yashi...and we are ever grateful for the Kapital catalogues he schlepped back with him. Literally EVERY SINGLE PAGE is amazing. Here are some images...more to come!


  1. Kapital is one of my favorite brands from Japan. I'm a big fan and always love their concept. Thanks for sharing the beautiful images on your wonderful blog!

  2. oh wow, these are absolutely stunning! the voluminous clothing and patchwork is so beautiful. and snakes make clothes look so much cooler. : )

    thanks so much for sharing these and for visiting my blog!

    p.s. have never been to brimfield but i am dying to go!

  3. winter 08 and summer 09 sitting on my desk right now. good stuff.

  4. Amazing blog - check in for visual sustenance regularly. Never heard of Kapital but now love them ;-) Thanks you so much...

  5. The pics are soo wunderful! They look like from the 60's. I love that.
    Thank you for that inspireing blog.


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