Friday, April 1, 2011

Connecticut x Brooklyn

 On Friday, I went home to CT to spend time with our parents/#1 fans. I love going home to hole up in pj's, watch movies, eat well  too much, and shop with my mom. When I found these stubbs and wootton babies in Greenwich, I grabbed them immediately. Gross that they are not brand new? Perhaps...but worth cleaning for the ethnic raffia that will never be made again? Yes. 
Below are photos K took of me wearing them back in BK." 

glimpse of my faded lavender hair  *squint and you might see at bottoms.

stubbs worn with vtg leather jacket, levi's, vtg pink oxford, and Ralph Lauren sunglasses 


  1. dye it again please

  2. Love the shoes! Should have kept them when they were offered:)

  3. total score!

    beautiful pics!



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