Saturday, January 1, 2011

Surfing Cowboys Venice Beach

Below are pics from one of my first stops in LA, Surfing Cowboys in Venice Beach, CA. I love how all of the amazing finds (all for sale) are arranged on the walls, tables and perfectly placed in corners. Some of the items seen below are listed on their site for sale- and next time you are in the area definitely stop in! 

 love the African American art mixed with surfboard and shell mirror

 frame painted by unknown artist from San Francisco in the 60's...AMAZING.

 more psychedelic art :)

 always have love for kachina dolls...thanks to mom!

 great blankets for sale

 awesome red dyed hide chair

Surfing Cowboys team and founders, husband and wife Wayne and Donna Gunther opened the store over 10 years ago before the Abbot Kinney boom. 

"We were once commercial fashion photographers, we have always been, adventurers and travelers, loving our time on the road, zipping around on scooters, and riding the surf. As we traveled, we couldn’t help but pick up furniture and special pieces for our future California dream home. The pieces we began collecting were eclectic but soulful, and ranged from authentic Navajo rugs and Catalina pottery, to furniture design icons and original vintage longboards. 

California… for us the word means freedom. It's the place where the desert meets the sea, where people come from all points on the globe, let their hair down and live the way they want to live."

Sounds pretty good to me! Read more about them on their site. 


  1. Thank you so much for this lovely tribute to our shop! Donna and Wayne

  2. Must make a trip there! So many interesting and beautiful things to see and buy! Thanks for this wonderful post.


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