Wednesday, February 2, 2011


After filling up on Peter Pan deliciousness, we took our mom to the amazing  DARR on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. DARR has that sexy Parisian feel, with the dark walls, bunches of feathers, and Deyrolle like items for sale.  Entering the store is like walking into one of those amazing shops at the Paris Flea Market. Luckily, unlike at the PFM, we were able to take pictures to share! Pls click on images for enlargements!

(we loved this wallpaper in the back of the store)

P.S DARR has opened a second location in Williamsburg at 101 Metropolitan Ave.


  1. I am seriously enjoying the new camera girls. Excellent purchase. Makes me want to grab one too!!

  2. Love the photos and loved the day even more!


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